Claire's Mom

Nov 10 '10


So here I am, about to write my first Blog.  I have sat here for 2 days now.  Thoughts have come and gone.  Should I be witty, serious, engaging, or mysterious?  Answer:  I should be me.

On this journey I am about to share with you, I will talk about many chapters in my life. You will periodically hear about my husband (Tom) of 21 years and my 7 year old daughter, you guessed it- Claire! I will mainly speak of the present and the future, but we must remember our past to move forward.  

With that said, I closed my latest chapter on October 31, 2010.  Mom’s Delicious Dishes, a food truck business that was conceived in January 2010.  As the aged old story goes, the partnership did not work.  

The business itself was amazing!  I did what I was passionate about.  I cooked.  I fed people, and as I fed people, I fed my soul.  I know…corny huh?  But it’s true.  Most people who cook claim it’s because they love food, they love to eat and most of all, they love people who enjoy eating their food! I have met a lot of good people. I will miss that.

With less than a couple of months left in 2010, I need your help, support & honest feedback to figure out my next Chapter.  Big question: Should I buy another food truck or open a restaurant? Maybe there is something else and I am just missing it?

Check in with me tomorrow.  I will have met a man in Greensboro who is selling a food truck and will also tell you about a restaurant I looked at in Downtown Raleigh